A number of electric power can generate power or energy. With electricity we can get a light, sound, heat, movement, and others. The amount of energy produced by an electrical device depends on:
- Rating power devices
- Long working time device

The greater the power the device, the more the amount of energy produced in a certain period. The longer the device worked, the more the amount of energy produced at a given power rating. Thus, it can be concluded that:

Electrical energy (W) = Power (P) x time (t)

The quantity of electrical energy is written with the notation W, and electrical energy unit called kilo Watt hour notation written in letters kWh.

Sample questions:
A water heater with 800 W power, takes 2 hours to boil water in a tank. What is the amount of energy released in this process?

W = P x t = 800 W x 2 hours = 0.8 kW x 2 hours = 1.6 kWh
The amount of energy expenditure of 1.6 kWh


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