In incandescent lamps, electric power converted into the form of light and heat energy. If a light on in an hour, so long as the lamp uses a certain amount of energy. When the lights were on for two hours, the lamp uses energy twice as much from the one hour.

From the description above, can be concluded:
The amount of energy used is proportional to the time the lights burning.
Scale electric power notation is written with the letter P, and electric power units called Watt a letter written with the notation W.

In electrical circuits, power is proportional to the voltage and current. The greater the flow and the greater the voltage, the greater the power generated. This statement can be written with the formula:

- P indicates electrical power to the unit Watt (W)
- V shows the line voltage to the units of volts (V)
- I show the units of electric current Ampere (A)

Sample question 1:
An electric iron works with 220 V voltage and current flowing in it for 3 A, what power it produces?

P = V x I = 220 V x 3 A = 660 W
The resulting power of 660 W

Sample question 2:
See picture below. If known lamp power (P) of 12 W, voltage (V) of 12 V, what is the electrical current (I) is flowing?

I = P / V = 12 W / 12 V = 1 A
The electric current flowing at 1 A


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