The amount of electrical energy used in a home is measured by using an electric meter (kWh meter in general term in Indonesia), which is connected to PLN's power supply lines. Calculate the electric meter electric energy usage in kWh units. Electricity bills charged to the user based on the amount of electrical energy consumption. The costs listed in the bill is calculated by using the formula:

Cost of electricity = electricity energy x cost per unit usage

Sample questions:
A flood warning light works on power 500 W. This lamp is lit every night for 10 hours. Electrical energy consumption cost is Rp 100 per kWh. What is the cost that must be paid for one month (30 days)?

Cost of electricity = (500 W x 10 hours x 30) x Rp 100 = (0.5 kW x 300 hours) x Rp 100 = Rp 15000
The total cost to be paid amounting to Rp 15000


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