Other units in the form of greater numbers, sometimes inconvenient when we write it. For such cases, use the value of the conversion units such as the table below.

The following units commonly used in electrical engineering subjects
Value unit Epsilon Symbols Equation
Tera 1012 T 1 THz=1000000000000 Hz
Giga 109 G 1 GHz=1000000000 Hz
Mega 106 M 1 MV=1000000 V
kilo 103 k 1 kV= 1000 V
milli 10-3 m 1 mA= 0.001 A
micro 10-6 µ 1 µA= 0.000001 A
nano 10-9 n 1 nF= 0.000000001 F
pico 10-12 p 1 pF= 0.000000000001 F
femto 10-15 f 1 fF=0.000000000000001 F


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