charger sony ericsson k800iBelow, I give tips on repairing damage to the Sony Ericsson k800i phone charger I've ever experienced.

The damage is emerging information: Battery Charging Problem, Stop Charging.

Analysis of cases:
After review, it turns out there is a defective component 470uF/10V elco. Physically elco is seen piled on top of or term pregnancy. This damage causes the flow of electricity to charge the cell phone becomes unstable.

elco charger Sony hamil
Typically, elco 470uF/10V difficult to obtain in the market electronics stores, as a replacement could be using elco 330uF/16V, until 1000uF/16V. But note the physical height elco, shall be entered on the lid (cashing) charger.

Prepare the following tools and materials:
  1. AVO meter
  2. Solder
  3. Fat solder (stannol)
  4. Tin solder
  5. Vacuum tin (attractors)
  6. Special screwdriver phones
  7. Pliers
  8. Elco 330uF/16V

Working steps:
  • Check the charger output voltage using the AVO meter, showed good results when the value of 5, 6 Volt.
  • Open the lid (cashing) charger and heat the solder.
  • Remove the elco 470uF/10V, replace with elco 330uF/16V.

elco charger Sony diganti

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  1. It's very difficult to open the charger :(

  2. Yes it is, to open the cashing you must have a special screwdriver phone

  3. I've already unscrew the charger. How to open the casing? it seem's to have a latch that prevent me from opening the charger.. :(

  4. You should open the casing carefully, be patient

  5. Hardly 2 or 3 times i also face that problem but i handle that situation ...A special type of
    screwdriver will help us to open our charger carefully

  6. Pretty solid advice. Wish I'd seen this page a couple of months ago. My K800i charger started acting weird and I chucked it :(

  7. I would like to thank you for this post!
    I replaced with uF1000 V10. Is it okay? Or it was a bad idea?

    Thank you!

  8. Yes its OK, replaced with 1000 uF 10 V it was good :d:

  9. Caang,
    thank you for the reply (as for 1000uF 10V)!

    That is really good, when there is a possibility not to increase garbage on the Earth...

    Best wishes!
    Mikhail / Anonymous (Dec 6 2012, 2:54)

  10. i think i have same charger but there is no screw in my case... :(

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