Code printed on the resistors are used to replace the resistor color code. This kind of code also known as code BS1852.

The code printed is using one of the three letters below, to indicate the unit and decimal point position of the resistance value. These three letters are:
R = Ohm
K = kilo Ohm
M = Mega Ohm

See the following table

There is also a letter that is added at the end of the code to indicate the values ​​of tolerance, which is
G = ± 2%
J = ± 5%
K = ± 10%
L = ± 20%

Example question:
What is the resistance value of resistors are marked with code
(a) 33K, (b) 4M7, (c) 2k2, (d) 1R8J, (e) 27KK

(a) 33 kΩ
(b) 4.7 MΩ
(c) 2.2 kΩ
(d) 1.8 Ω ± 5%
(e) 27 kΩ ± 10%


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