By having AVO meter, multimeter, or multi tester, we can measure the voltage and amperage. However, it is necessary to note the measurement procedure on that tool.

Measurement procedure
  1. Before you connect the meter to the circuit or the load to be measured, consider whether using a source of AC or DC?
  2. Set the selector knob on the range you want
  3. If meter has auto ranging capability, you only need to select the amount of electricity (current or voltage)
  4. If you have any doubt in determining the proper range, choose the highest range
  5. Connect the meter to the circuit, or just attach both probes at two points in the circuit, note the polarity (+ and -), black to negative, and red to positive
  6. Read the value of measurement is shown (note that you avoid parallax errors in multi tester analog) and record
  7. If meter shows the reading of a very small value, you can reduce the range of measurements until you get results that can be read, but first disconnect meter from the circuit
  8. Remove the meter from the circuit after you get a correct value readings
  9. Rotate the selector knob to the off position or turn it off

Measuring Voltage and Current Electricity

Measuring voltage, multimeter is connected in parallel with the voltage source circuit. Meanwhile measuring the electric current, multimeter must be connected in series with the circuit. See the picture below


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