USB optical mouseLess than half a year has a netbook, optical mouse has been damaged. Damage that occurs, the red indicator light is on but the mouse cursor was quiet, the pointer does not move following the mouse movements.

I did some trouble shooting, and I found that the USB cable connector at the edge was problem.

In the cable mouse consists of four small-sized wires, which is two 5 VDC power supply cable (plus and minus) and two data cables. Because of frequent moves, one of the existing data cable is broken. To fix this, prepare the tools:

  • AVO meter or Multi Tester
  • The knife cutter
  • Solder and tin
  • Isolation

Following steps:

  1. Cut the cable at least 10 cm from the edge of the USB socket
  2. Use AVO meter or multi tester to mark the color and position of the cable (identification), as shown below

    Color cable of the USB Optical Mouse
  3. Open the USB connector cover, with a vertical cut using a cutter knife, and try cut in the middle so that the result looks neat
  4. Remove the solder cable 10 cm that had been cut at the USB socket terminal
  5. Solder mouse cable to the USB socket terminal. Note the color and position of cable, must be precise not to reverse
  6. Isolate the cover. Examples of the results as shown below

    repair USB optical mouse

Reference: Elektronikabersama


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