Diode bridge rectifier's circuit is a full-wave rectifier circuit that uses four diodes, and connected as a bridge. Unlike the full-wave rectifier discussion in previous article, where the circuit uses two diodes, this time is full-wave rectifier circuit with four diodes.

Beside different from amounts of diodes, other difference lies in use of a transformer, which transformer used in the bridge rectifier circuit system is not a transformer which has ct (center tap) or using a conventional transformer without ct.

Diode bridge rectifier's circuit as shown below

Diode bridge rectifier circuit
  • AC = AC voltage source
  • D1, D2, D3, D4 = diode rectifier
  • C = electrolyte capacitor
  • RL = Load


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  1. Using above circuit with IN4001's what would DC output be ????

    I am getting OVER 100V DC ---



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