transistorTransistor is an electronic component semiconductor, has ability to control the effective resistance by controlling the main signal (voltage and amperage) from a distance.

There are two types of transistors, namely a bipolar junction transistor or abbreviated by BJT, such as PNP and NPN, and unipolar transistor junction transistor or abbreviated by UJT, such as FET and MOSFET.

Transistors made from crystalline silicon or germanium, where a layer of N type silicon layer sandwiched by two types of P. Conversely it could also be made transistor consisting of two N-type silicon layers sandwiching a layer of type P. Both transistors are kind of BJT transistor, or PNP and NPN type.

In general, BJT transistor has three terminals, ie base (abbreviated with the letter B), collector (abbreviated with the letter C), and emitter (abbreviated with the letter E).

Below is a symbol of PNP and NPN transistor


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