Press switchPress switch is a type of switch that is operated by pressing a button. There are two types of press switch, ie push to make (PTM) switch and push to break (PTB) switch.

Most of the press switch is a kind of the PTM switch. By pressing a button PTM switch, the contacts will be depressed until the switch is closed and touch each other. While by pressing a button switch type of PTB switch, the contacts are normally closed contact, but will be forced open when the button is pressed.

Each type of PTM switch and PTB switch, can work to connect or disconnect during a moment or locking (latching). A switch work during a moment, will close (connect) or open (disconnect) as long as the button is pressed. When the button is released the switch will return to its original position.

Connection on the switch that locks, the button will remain in a depressed position after the first time pressed. Switch contacts will remain closed or open, depending on the type of switch is concerned. You must press the button again to unlock and return the buttons to its normal position.

Press switches are widely used in various industrial applications, the motor control circuit, and can also be used to connect power to the lights, radio devices, and other electrical equipment.

Symbol press switch such us PTM switch and PTB switch as shown below

Symbol press switch such us PTM switch and PTB switch

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