To solve the problems of a complex numbers (manual method), you should have a scientific calculator. An example Casio S-V.P.A.M fx-570w as I use to my scientific calculator, that looks like the picture below.

Casio S-V.P.A.M fx-570w scientific calculator

Operating a scientific calculator you notice calculator buttons present in a [ ] that will be described below, this applies to brands and types of scientific calculator in general.

1. Conversion the complex numbers rectangular form into polar form

Example: 30 + j25 = ?

r (abs) = [ SHIFT ] [ Pol( ] [ 30 ] [ , ] [ 25 ] [ ) ] [ = ] 39.05125

φ (angle) = [ RCL ] [ F ] [ = ] 39.80557

Becomes: 30 + j25 = 39.05125 39.80557°

2. Conversion the complex numbers polar form into rectangular form

Example: 40 ∟ 65° = ?

x (real) = [ SHIFT ] [ Rec( ] [ 40 ] [ , ] [ 65 ] [ ) ] [ = ] 16.90473

y (imaginary) = [ RCL ] [ F ] [ = ] 36.25231

Becomes: 40 65° = 16.90473 + j36.25231

  • Mode position calculator in D or Deg (degree)
  • RCL-E and RCL-F is use to switch the value shown.

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