micro switchMicro term on the micro switch, doesn't mean that the size of micro switch is small. This name indicates that the keys used to operate micro switch, only shifted by a very small distance.

Micro switch is type of very sensitive switch, just a little pressure on a lever may cause the switch move from one position to another. Most micro switches have contacts SPDT type, so that the switch can be used to connect or disconnect, or both simultaneously.

SPDT contacts in the micro switch is generally composed of three terminal tag, such a Common line, NO (Normally Open) contact and NC (Normally Closed) contact. Contacts are equipped with spring-loaded, on normal condition, Common line will be connected to NC contact.

There are various types of micro switch, which can be used according to the applications where the switch should be operated mechanically. Image below shows the various types of micro switches.


For example, a micro switch can be mounted in such a way in a refrigerator. Common line and NC contact connected to a lamp. When the door closed, contacts will open and the light will turn off. When the doors opened, the contacts will close and light will turn on.

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