In the industrial world that use machine tools, there is a conveyor. The conveyor is used to move or distribute the products produced by the industry itself. Example of a conveyor as shown in the picture below

sample conveyor

Wiring diagram or simple start-stop control circuit one motor conveyor is shown below

wiring-diagram-one-motor-conveyorClick to enlarge

Electric parts needed for the wiring above:
1. Breaker NFB 3P 10 A 1 pc
2. Transformer (step down) 380 V / 220 V 3 A 1 pc
3. Magnetic Contactor 3P coil 220 V 1 pc
4. Thermal Over load Relay 1 pc
5. Fuse glass 2 A dan 3 A @ 1 pc
6. Pilot lamp 220 V 1 pc
7. Start button 1pc
8. Stop button 1 pc
9. Motor


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