In most industrial system control machine, there's a start switch and there' re a lot of stop switch. Start switch location is on the panel operator. Stop switches location are on the control box, in each unit of the machine. Stop switch connection in wiring diagram are series connections.

Wiring diagram 3 Phase motor 2.2 kW with stop series connection

Electric parts needed for the wiring 3 phase motor 2.2 kW above::
  1. B1 = MCB 10A 3 phase
  2. M1 = Motor 2.2kW 380V 3Phase
  3. #1 = Magnetic contactor 220VAC
  4. TOR = Thermal Overload Relay 4.2A
  5. S1, S2, S3 = Push Button Switch (PTB non latching - stop switch)
  6. S4 = Push Button Switch (PTM non latching - start switch)
  7. L3 = Pilot lamp 220VAC

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