Basic control motor, to get start or stop the motor, use a push button switch as a trigger a motor. Push To Make / PTM switch use to start the motor and Push To Brake / PTB switch use to stop the motor.

Wiring diagram single motor with Start - Stop switch

Electric parts needed for the wiring above:
  1. B1 = MCB 5A 3 phase
  2. M1 = Motor 1.5kW 380V 3Phase
  3. #1 = Magnetic contactor 220VAC
  4. TOR = Thermal Overload Relay 2.8A
  5. S1 = Push Button Switch (PTB non latching - Stop switch)
  6. S2 = Push Button Switch (PTM non latching - Start switch)
  7. L3 = Pilot lamp 220VAC

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