Thermistor (thermal resistor) is made of semiconductor materials. This component can be made in the form of discs, bars, or grains. Thermistor grain has a diameter only a few millimeters. In some thermistor grain, grain semiconductor glass wrapped by a capsule.

NTC thermistor
Because of very small size, thermistor grain can react very quickly to temperature changes. Thermistor terminals has two legs.

Most of the thermistor has resistance whose value will become smaller with increasing temperature. Thermistor type is called a negative temperature coefficient thermistor or NTC thermistor.

There is also a thermistor having a resistance value will be further enlarged with increasing temperature. Thermistor type is called a positive temperature coefficient thermistor or PTC thermistor.

Thermistor is used in the circuits or temperature gauges that provide specific responses to temperature changes. This component can also be used in circuits that will have the disorder, or even damage, caused by temperature changes.

Below is a symbol of thermistor

symbol of thermistor
  • Thermistor is a type of resistor whose value is affected by temperature
  • There are two types of thermistor, which is NTC and PTC
  • NTC Thermistor gets a smaller resistance value with increasing temperature
  • PTC Thermistor gets a greater resistance value with increasing temperature


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