220 V line voltage as in the power grid at home, which became the final stage of the electricity transmission network, a type of single-phase electricity, which uses two wires with a single phase wire (stun) and one neutral wire.

To distinguish between wire where the wire stun and neutral (non-stun), we can use a tespen. Tespen touch in the these two wires, when tespen lit, indicating wire stun, and when not lit, indicating the neutral wire.
Be careful with the wire stun, because it will give the effect of shock when a member of our body that intentionally or unintentionally touch it.

Actually this single phase electricity, derived from the three-phase power grid, which is denoted by R - S - T wire. Wire R - S - T itself has a power supply voltage 380 V between phases, commonly used for industrial purposes, particularly for electricity motors big power.

To create a single-phase electricity, simply connect the R-phase with neutral (denoted by N), or connect S phase with N, or a connect phase of T with N. See the picture below, electricity three-phase R - S - T into main breaker 3 phase. Output main breaker into sub breaker divider to be used as single-phase electricity.

three-phase R - S - T breaker

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