BSH 222 is a Type of Push Button Switch

Kasuga BSH 222 is a type of push button switch, which has an ON button and an OFF button in one switch. ON button BSH 222 marked with black color, position above OFF button. OFF button BSH 222 marked with red color, position below ON button.

BSH 222


ON button in a BSH 222 switch is type of PTM (push to make) non latching. OFF button in a BSH 222 switch is type of PTB (push to brake) non latching. Picture below is a symbol of BHS 222 switch.

Contact Capacity

Electric voltage and current capacity of the contact point BSH 222:
250 V max 5 A
500 V max 1 A.


BSH 222 switch usually used for control (start and stop) small electric motor. For some case, one motor is controlled by many BSH 222 switch. One unit BSH 222 and other unit of them, are placed in different location, use for control a motor, such us motor glue pump who will distribute the glue for each location.


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